Venus - Our Neighbor

Venus is the planet closest to the earth in the solar system, which consists of the bodies (including the earth) that revolve around the sun. Venus was also the name of the goddess of love in ancient rome, and the Greeks called her Aprhodite.

This makes the planet our nearest neighbor in the solar system. Venus is about the same size as the earth, weighing in about four-fifths as much. As a result, it is sometimes called the earth's twin planet. Venus is about 67,000,000 miles away from the sun, compared to the earth's distance of 93,000,000 miles form the sun. After the sun and moon, Venus is the brightest object in the sky. It is sometimes thirteen times brighter than Sirius, the brightest star. It can easily be seen with the naked eye, often for a period of four hours, which is very long. Venus is often called the morning star because it can be seen in the eastern sky before sunrise.

Venus revolves around the sun once every 225 days, while the earth takes 365 days. Astronomers (scientisits who study the heavenly bodies) do not know how long venus takes to make one compmlete turn on its axis, but most of them think it takes about 30 days. Actually, I found a source that Venus' day is longer than its year: Rotation of Venus

The earth makes one complete turn in 12 hours, so we know that Venus turns at a much slower rate. This causes very different temperatures on the different sides of Venus. The side that is clse to the sun is hotter than the warmest tropcal jungles on earth, having a temperature about 130 degrees Farenheit. The side away from the sun is as cold as the earth's arctic regions, with a temperature of about 9 degrees below zero. It is not know if an life exists on Venus.


Free Versions of Minecraft?

Minecraft is a brilliant, interesting, and exciting video game. The game is loved by gamers all over the world. Minecraft always comes with instructions that are easy to understand so every age group is able to enjoy the game fully. A popular Swedish programmer, Markus Persson, developed this incredible game. Minecraft focuses on creative building that allows a player to make cubes in the three dimensions. This game has got three types of modes that include Creative, Hardcore and Survival. Minecraft was launched in 2009 and has been ported to various platforms such as iOS, Android, PC, and Xbox 360. Therefore, if you are interested in this game and want to play the game on any type of system, then there would be no problem at all. Recently, Microsoft bought Minecraft for $2.5 billion!

This extraordinary and mind blowing game is fun to play and sharpens your senses. In this game you are asked to build a shelter by making use of 3D objects such as tree trunks, cubes and oars. The shelter should be built before it gets too dark incase mobs such as creepers and skeletons attack you. In survival mode, you must conserve your food and sustain your hunger bar. The game is very tempting and appealing due to its different obstacles and twists. This is undoubtedly a treat for a hardcore gamer to play.

There are several methods through which you can play Minecraft. You can purchase the game, download it illegally, or play online for free in your browser. The bad part about the websites that offer it free is that they present the different versions of this game. It feels always good to have full version because of the fact that trial versions always contain less features and is not enjoyable. If you are looking for minecraft free then it’s not a big deal, because all you need to do is visit those websites which offer minecraft free, get yourself registered and start playing this challenging game.

Websites like Minecraft For Free Online X have really good tutorials on how to play Minecraft free. For playing online or downloaded flash game, you need to have Adobe flash in your computer. For the actual game itself, you will need Java installed. It is recommended to play free on those websites that are specifically meant for Minecraft because it gives you a broad range of versions to be played online or to be downloaded. Now, what are you waiting for, simply go for the websites that offer the free version and start playing this awesome game!

Learning the Controls for the PlayStation 4

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Sony’s Playstation 4 did away with the 3rd party control devices that many claim made playing certain types of games simpler and more intuitive. Now, every game on the PS4 is played using the classic PS double thumb handheld controller. It is the true gamer’s controller, something they will use to race a car on the screen even if there is a steering wheel nearby.

Some users are questioning Sony’s choice to do away with the support as some of these more obviously styled and purposed controllers were easier for newbies to learn. PS4 offers a simply way to master the controls that can make entry level play in any game easier, as well as allowing you to control the game system. They have even integrated voice controls to make it easy to do simple commands.

Reading the Screen

A bad habit almost all people are guilty off is we rarely read the entire contents of a system message on the screen. When it comes to games and game consoles, the habit doesn’t go away. If you are new to the PS4 system, the best thing you can do is to remind yourself to read everything in the screen message before clicking a button on your controller. In these screen messages, at the bottom of the question or instruction, you will notice that they add a few lines telling you which button on your controller will do what in response to this question. If you slow down and read your screen it will be easier to get used to the common navigation through PS4 system using the control buttons.

If the game you want to play doesn’t start off with a screen that gives you instructions on how to use the controller to play, it will have a tutorial section under the option settings. You don’t have to worry about a game on the PS4 wanting you to use a 3rd party controller that is no longer supported because the games that did require that have been revamped and released as PS4 editions using the general controller only. You won’t be able to play a non PS4 compliant game in the system so the only controller you will use will be the one that comes with the original system.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you get the basics of the controller down then it becomes a matter of practicing until you can use it well. This can take a bit of time and concentration because how the game play responds to the joystick in one game may differ in another. You will discover that you have a specific style for driving games versus shooting games, RPG and puzzle. One tip that helps people start to master the controller fast is to figure out what song you need to hum to yourself to control the movement of the joystick. You will find that humming is going to smooth out your hand motions and let you control the sensitivity of the stick as well, which can make the difference between crashing and driving.

Minecraft is an Awesome Game

The gaming industry from the very start has been entertaining humans up to an extent which was unthinkable before. The advent of technology and games has been giving an experience to the gamers which never like before But there were certain gaps and spaces in which the gaming industry on the whole was not able to come to par with. Usually, gamers try to find their virtual piece in the game and fulfil their creative desires, which was clearly not the motive of any game. Rather, every game had a pre-set motive or a goal which was to be accomplished. It never felt that the gamer is gaming for the experience rather just for the sake of the game. But then Minecraft was born; it unleashed an entire plethora of imaginative and creative gameplay behind it. Some say it is the most creative game ever and it could very well be the game of the century from the experience that it gives its users.

Minecraft was created and developed by Markus and Jens, whom both were passionate about gaming. It was developed with a view to give the gamers an open world free to roam and create using the 3D blocks of different usages and patterns with a fixed structure that can create anything and everything whichever the gamer wants. The beauty of this game is that there are no restrictions. There are different modes given for the players such as Survival mode and Creative mode (these ones being the most famous of all). The development of the game was gradual and slow but it came into power seemingly at an instant. It has sold more than 35 million copies within 2 years of release and has grabbed a huge chunk of audience within the gaming industry. There are more than a million players online at any given instance on the game. It has enchanted and enthralled generations and different ages of people with its simplicity. Why don't you play Minecraft and see just how awesome it is?

As a part of Minecraft, there are certain downloadable resources which one can download anytime, like mods and texture packs. These help them give a different look and feel to the game and basically act as the theme and pattern or the texture of different blocks and objects in and around the game, including the player’s avatar. The game was received by the masses with a huge applaud and felicitations followed. Even the critics have appraised the game. The world you imagine of can now be created by you, all you have to do is go ahead and get your copy of Minecraft today.